Saturday, 4 August 2007

The sonogram

Here's the baby - I think it's pretty clear, but the head is
on the left and the baby is laying on its back
with the hand by the mouth and the legs
kicking the side of my uterus :)

In this one, the baby looks limbless and is laying face
down - Pedro likes it because it looks like an
Atari character


Guillermo said...

Tanto el bebé como la mamá se ven

muy bien.Los abuelos acá en

Puerto Rico estamos muy contentos

con el nuevo nieto/a.

Felicidades y nos informan del


Que DIOS,los bendiga.

Aida y Willie.

Familia Flores said...

Muchas felicidades!!!!!! Se ven muyyyy bien. Congrats!!!!! We are going to have an english..(man or woman) for a nephew or niece. Keep us posted. Daniel and Estela are waiting for it!!!!!

Guillermo said...

Estamos preparados para lo que sea

hembra o varón lo querremos


Les queremos mucho,

Aida y Willie.

April & Pedro said...

gracias a todos!