Wednesday, 24 February 2010

doing headstands before the Mardi Gras party that would land her... bed for the next week. 5 families went down with that virus!

but there are sure signs spring isn't far - snow drops are coming up!

Since last week we have had a series of minor troubles, including stomach flu and loss of heating in the house. Thankfully, so thankfully, we have several good friends who have contributed space heaters (thank you Aneta!), showers (thanks AmandaBob!), and shoulders to pout on (everybody else!). Monday night, Isabella had a relapse with vomiting and mere minutes later we discovered our oil tank was empty (right after I said, "Brrr! Pedro can you turn the heater on it's freezing in here!).

I really, really miss American-style central heating. The mammoth radiators from my 100-year-old high school were charming, but in a modern home they just take up good wall space and are fed by energy I'm not accustomed to buying à la carte. We have three different energy bills - electric, heating oil, and burning oil for the stove top. British boilers are notorious for being temperamental and all of my expat friends with kids have had boiler problems this very winter. So boiler complaints + freezing temps + apathetic British customer service = cold, cold house for days and days.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Isabella!

The "2" totally looks like a "Z". Oops.

The big reveal, and my 2-year-old really likes it!

opening the loot

butterfly cupcakes with pretzels for wings

magnetic earrings that made her seem so much older

Isabella's birthday party was a hit last Saturday. We had the party a bit late so that the kids could come after nap time and the adults wouldn't have to rush off with testy toddlers by midday. But even though we scheduled the party for later on, literally everyone was almost an hour late. We were all in our birthday best, all the food was hot and set on the table, drinks were mixed, music was playing, myriad toys were ready to be played with....and yet, no one arrived for so long that I began to feel like this was going to be one of those stories I could chuckle at in 10 years, but for the moment tears seemed most likely. In the end, almost everyone came and the living room was packed to bursting (6.5 kids and 8 adults) .

We decided to get Isabella a slide for her big gift and every day since we gave it to her has been full of sliding. She even asks just to check and "see slide," just in case it mysteriously disappears while she's in the next room. A dream come true, obviously.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Friday, 5 February 2010

23 Months and the Countdown is On to 2!

the duvet of fun - excellent indoor game!

potty training is off and on at this stage

she likes to have a book propped up for her to "read" as she's falling asleep

sneak peak at her birthday present

the owl bookends I bought at the Cambridge Sunday market

the prism garland I bought for her even before she was a twinkle in my eye

Isabella and I just spent the most wonderful afternoon outside, now that the sun has come out and the air has warmed ever so slightly. We went for an hour long walk (sans stroller) picking up seeds, jumping in muddy puddles like Peppa Pig, and waving to every passing car (I think peoples' days automatically brighten to see a little girl waving hello at them). It's the kind of day that gets you making plans for spring.

I decided to take some photos of Isabella's room a few days ago after I cleaned and rearranged it. I would like to remember what it looked like before we eventually convert the crib into a toddler bed and make any other changes to it as she gets bigger. Can you believe it's been almost two years?

At this age, she is making lots of sentences, singing several verses in songs, doing her version of yoga with "'Maste" (Namaste) guy (I can't even believe she came up with that on her own) , puts herself in a time out if she's really freaking out...and the list goes on.