Saturday, 29 December 2007

33 Weeks

We finally got around to getting a photo during daylight hours - the days are so short here in winter that by the time we remember to take the weekly photo, we're stuck with poor indoor lighting. It's not warm here, despite my wearing a short-sleeved shirt - it's cold and it's windy!

Christmas has already come and gone! We spent a quiet Christmas at home - just Pedro, me, the dogs, and the little baby in my belly - and it was very nice. I cooked all kinds of Puerto Rican holiday food along with some apple pie for dessert. Now we have a New Year's Eve party to go to in only two days and I'm a little worried about finding a fancy dress that I can actually fit into.

My neighbors are down in Cornwall (southern England) and they've left me to take care of their four Bantam chickens while they're gone. Walking out to the chicken coop every morning to take care of their chickens amidst sprawling English farmland is so wonderful that it reminds me of how much I can't wait to show little Isabella the beauty of the outdoors (and so much more).


Lucy and Jerry said...

April you still look fantastic! I was much bigger at that stage! I used to kid around and refer to myself as a "DUPLEX". Anyways, hadn't kept up due to the holiday rush. Ricardo accidentally opened your blog...go figure. I'm glad he did though. :)
God bless you both,
Jerry, Lucy, Ricardo and Manny

April & Pedro said...

Hi Lucy - Thanks! Loved the pics you emailed - keep them coming!