Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Christmas Eve Eve

We're really excited for Christmas this year. With kids around, especially our first baby, it's going to be much more lively than it was with just Pedro and me. We are planning on spending Christmas with the Ebarb family - some really good friends of ours from the US who moved here on Halloween. They have two little boys, aged 5 and 7 and their extreme excitement about everything can be contagious.

My Christmas shopping is pretty much all wrapped up. Isabella is getting a bunch of amazing wooden toys and the doll I made for her. I actually love the way it turned out - sort of The Nightmare Before Christmas meets Little House on the Prairie.

This week Isabella added her new ability to wave to her rapidly growing list of milestones. She also stands up alone, does semi-headstands, and has to point at just about everything. Did I mention that she finally learned to clap her hands when we were in Puerto Rico too? She is so good at mimicking sounds that I'm constantly in awe over what she seems to be understanding.


Maria said...

My uncle Tito e-mailed me pictures of the wedding. I am glad you all had a wonderful time. I wish I could have been there, it would have been great to see all of you. Merry Christmas.

Monique said...

Merry Christmas! How did the homemade doll go over? You're so crafty! I'm jealous. :P

I wanted to ask you also about your trip to Paris...could you email me the name of the place you stayed (assuming you liked it)? We're in need of recommendations for traveling in Paris with a baby and you're the first one who came to mind. :) We're also considering a couple days in London if you have any tips.