Saturday, 24 January 2009

Our 11 Month Old

I read a few parenting blogs and I'm often touched and amazed to see what parents of children at different ages are going through. This evening, after reading a post from one of them on the perfect age, I was inspired to write a post myself. We've had a lot of difficult nights, and unfortunately, Isabella has never been one of those babies who consistently sleeps through the night for twelve hours or more (last night was another winner--read my sarcasm here). But even when I've had a rough night or a particularly hard day, I constantly find myself in love with Isabella's current age. At first I thought three months was the cutest age, then four, then get the idea. But now, because she is able to roughly communicate back to us, there is an added richness to things we do together which leads me to think that this must be the perfect age.

Each day she gets a bit closer to walking - but her urge to be a part of everything at once inevitably leads to her dropping to her knees and crawling head-down (for speed) to the next most interesting thing. Of course, this usually tends to be mama, the incredible human jungle gym. She loves playing hide-n-seek and getting chased - she'll even bait me into tickling her. And when Pedro and I finally put her to bed for the night, we spend a good bit of our quiet time laughing and reliving the shenanigans she pulled during the day.

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