Monday, 20 April 2009

14 Months

stunning, sunny day today!

independent woman

loving her Easter basket

and carrying it everywhere

Isabella turned 14 months old last week. Every day she becomes less and less babyish and more and more like a proper little girl. Each day is filled with such a growing list of accomplishments that it would be silly to list them all now. In the car this afternoon, just as we were about to pull out of the driveway, I turned around and looked at Isabella. She looked right back at me with such a sense of self that it awed me as much as took me aback - she's getting so big! Dare I say, growing up?

Our new backyard is perfect for her to run around freely in, and today we spent almost three hours playing outside in the beautiful weather. Inevitably, as we get back into the house, she turns to her next favorite thing: books. I'm at the point where I have them all memorized and can recite them to her when we're in the car and she starts fussing. I picked up a few new ones from the charity shop today and am looking forward to mixing things up. I welcome any title suggestions of books that might appeal to both toddler and adult!


Maria said...

She looks so cute in her dress!! and what a beautiful backyard.

auntie said...

Try to look at the books that are bi lingual and by that Finn, Engligh, Spainish, French and as many diverse as possible. The videos are not bad sissy try the Baby Einsetien she is ready the music and languages are s incredible your COusin Sacha Sophie LOu LOVES the music and get that child into a arts and dance class we started at 5 months- you too will enjoy it and love to laugh

Amanda said...

Awesome backyard! I'm jealous. What village are you in now?