Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Autumn Bliss

at the village park

changing every day

hiking with friends this past weekend - hoping to make it a weekly event

We are settling into the Fall over here. This year it is absolutely stunning. The leaves are all falling at once and the weather has been mild and dare I say it? Pleasant. Today I hung my clothes out on the line outside, which says a lot. There are sloe berries and elderberries to be had along the trails and I have several batches of each liquor brewing in preparation for a Christmas bash this year. I've decided to put up a photo with me in it since I have been getting complaints that it's like I'm a ghost. Hope you are all having a wonderful autumn week!

1 comment:

Aida y Willie said...

Carita bella,cada dia que pasa está más hermosa.Esta semana le enviamos el regalo de "Santa Claus" esperamos que cuando volvamos a vernos puedas cocinar para nosotros.Que DIOS,te proteja siempre.
Abi y Abu te adoran.