Monday, 23 November 2009

Happy Anniversary! Nine Years!

the decor was...interesting

Typical European dining at its best (close tables) - our neighbors kept watching us eat!

lucky the restaurant rides on Jamie Oliver's celebrity, otherwise no one would know about it - it's in the middle of nowhere (if that's possible in London)

Isabella spent the day with my friend Karalee and her daughter Kathryn. She had a blast - no tears all day. Parks, play dough, and awesome toys - she wasn't ready for us to take her home!

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Anonymous said...

cute hair cut not sure where that is from love it next time get the back in verted and asemetrrical its a great look very European and i am not liking the Ansel Adams/ LA look for the baby snap shot behind our handsome Pedro next time just put PEDRO on the wall
i see appetizers with bread and what looks like artichoke dip[ tell me all about the food please kiss to bella lou