Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Before and After

Inspired by this great blog designsponge, I bought this beat up chest from a thrift store for $5. With a little sanding, new paint, and some gorgeous fabric it's like new again! Of the million and one projects I'm working on, I am most proud of this because I actually used a handsaw to recreate the broken lid. I also cut up a ratty old comforter to re-cushion the lid - so this project ended up costing me very little indeed.

And here is the full effect - please disregard the debris on the floor, my little helper is sometimes too helpful.


junita said...

April, I love it! It looks just like a project Design*Sponge would feature. You should send in your before and after photos.

Amanda said...

April, that looks so awesome! We are going to have so much fun when I get over there! I have a dresser and a desk I have been itching to clean up and paint but never had anyone to help . . . maybe we can put them on the to-do list!

April & Pedro said...

thanks for the comments, you guys. junita, i just might do that once things settle down again after xmas. amanda, just say when! let me know the exact date we can finally meet up!