Monday, 15 March 2010

Less is More

Ok, somebody needs to tell my child that less is more. And it's not going to be me because I haven't really learned it myself yet. She's going through this phase of wearing every garment and accessory she can think of. In the photo above I think she insisted I put at least five hair ties in her hair. If she finds one on the floor, it's just got to go in.

I was supposed to have a lazy weekend but instead, I made marmalade. I have been baking so much I also broke my oven and my sink is backed up. On with the next project! This is what happens to ambitious people who stay home with their kids :).

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Anonymous said...

You're full of ideas. That's good that your putting your talents to good use and your family is reaping the benefits of that. You've even discovered you're quite the entrepreneur. Isabella is already accessorizing. Who said you had to be a teenager to be self-conscious about your personal appearance. She might be a toddler, but she's a little woman inside. :o) As for the household appliances breaking down, it happens. Seems like your having fun, exploding with ideas. BTW,do you have any green, fern fabric? GBY