Monday, 17 May 2010

27 Months

Finally the weather is starting to get warmer again. We're still using our heater. We had about a two week reprieve from winter, then it began to get cold again. That hasn't stopped us from getting out, however, Pedro was in Slovakia for work last week so Isabella and I got a lot of bike riding done. I now have a fantastic child seat installed on my bike - which I hadn't really ridden since she was born. I am horrendously out of shape - it's clear that my fit army days are well behind me (my sporadic yoga doesn't seem to have cut it!). With this new mobility, I'm finding so much more to see and to explore.

Today I took her foraging for wild garlic leaves and flowers. We got tons of it - so much that by early afternoon I was ready to throw it back outside because it was making the whole house smell terrible. I put it into a rice and pork chop dish and it ended up being like cooked spinach with a garlic flavor - really good!

Anyway, Isabella is 27 months old today. She's as smart as a whip and amazes me with all that she can say (and also all that she refrains from saying when she's having a wordless tantrum). Still waiting on those two-year molars!

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