Thursday, 24 February 2011


My friend and I took our girls to see Thomas the Tank Engine, for his limited visit on the Nene Valley Railway today. Early on, we really encouraged her to like Thomas - kids get into what you yourself get excited about, for the most part. Anyway, I wanted her to subtly know she could like a "boy" thing.

So this early encouragement probably explains why she loves taking the train - be it the underground (subway), trolly, or tram. In fact, our trip to the London aquarium was interrupted multiple times by requests to go back the "the track." As in, "Mama, when are we going back to the track?" 

She has already learned that the journey itself is just as good (maybe better) than the destination.

As she retold the tale of Thomas to Pedro this evening, she reminded him that Thomas is a "really useful engine." Of course, I had to tell her to stop causing "confusion and delay" this morning as we were trying to jet out of the house. She didn't get my joke.

It was a fun morning for all.


Maria said...

How fun, I love Thomas.

Anonymous said...

awwee, so cute. :)


Anonymous said...

We received the xmas gifts! Thank you for sending them. I think we got them last week, but I hadn't checked my P.O. box 'til yesterday. Beautiful aprons for everyone! I love all the retro and child-theme fabric conepts, very unique. You have a talent for sewing, keep it up! We're definitely going to use them for art class or cooking projects! I'll send pics when we do! Thanks again and GBY! XOXO for you, Isabella and Pedro. :D

April said...

Glad you got them Lucy - looking forward to the photos!