Monday, 24 September 2007

19 weeks

Lentil has been moving around like crazy and this morning he/she shoved his/her whole body outward so that I could feel about a good four inches of the baby from the outside. Even Pedro has been able to feel some of the movements (which of course, aren't as dramatic as I'm sure they will get).

No tengo una foto nueva todavia; la voy a poner esta semana. Pero tengo unas noticias - el bebe ha estado moviendose mucho - especialmente esta manana cuando me empujo con todo su cuerpito y yo lo podia sentir (casi cuatro pulgadas) con la mano afuera. Era como una piedra empujandose! Pedro tambien puede sentir los movimientos.

In other news, we are getting rid of the beater BMW for a 2002 Volvo wagon. It's not a mini-van but it's definitely a family vehicle. We'll be able to fit the dogs in the back area, the baby in the back seat, and we'll still be able to sit comfortably in the front. The trip to Scotland with all of us in the car was cramped, to say the least (not to mention when family came to visit in March).

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