Friday, 19 October 2007

23 weeks!

This is the ultrasound scan picture that was taken back during my 21st week of pregnancy, when we found out that the baby is most likely going to be a girl. I finally got around to photographing the picture (our scanner isn't working), so here it is! I think she looks a little like Pedro, but when I told Pedro that, he reacted as if I thought she'd come out of the womb with his mustache and beard!

Esta es la foto del sonograma segundo (de la semana 21 del embarazo), cuando averiguamos que la bébé es una nena. Yo creo que ella parece a Pedro – pero cuando yo lo dijé eso a Pedro, él reaccionó como ella iba a salir con su barba y bigote! Jaja...

Esta es una foto de hoy - la empezada de la semana 23 del embarazo. Doña Aida me regaló esta camisa (no es una camisa de maternidad, pero me queda perfectamente bien). He recibido muchos regalos de todo el mundo para la maternidad y la bébé – GRACIAS at todos!!! (Si alguien sabe un shortcut de poner las letras correctas – con acentos, etc – dejame saber por favor! Tengo muchos dificultades con el teclado y el mecanographía.)

This is a photo of me on the first day (today) of my 23rd week of pregnancy. Doña Aida sent me this top from Puerto Rico (it’s not a maternity top but it fits me perfectly!). I have received a lot of gifts from everyone for my maternity and for the baby – again, thank you all – it really means a lot! (On a side note – I’m trying to practice my typing in correct Spanish but it’s taking me forever to figure out the keyboard accents – so if anyone knows any shortcuts, please let me know!).


Matt said...

You look stunning! Grandpa and I are so happy for you and Pedro. Have you picked out any names yet? You are always in our prayers. We don't have a computer so Rhonda is typing this for us (we are staying with her this weekend since we are on our way down south). Please email Rhonda your address so I can send you gifts.

Love you,
Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Babe

April & Pedro said...

Oh hi! What a nice surprise! I'll email Rhonda!!!


auntie said...

April Lou Lou,
the Hagglund family traits are clear and the baby has your button nose and I see Pedro in there too!
Please send us more ultrasound hots if you can and or cam cord the visits and delivery.