Tuesday, 9 October 2007

It's a GIRL!

telling Pedro the news

We had the ultrasound done yesterday. The baby seems to be developing on schedule and normally - all of her measurements were good, her organs looked healthy, and her head is getting bigger!

My friend Jessi was here for a visit all the way from Minnesota, and luckily, she was able to be there. Unfortunately, Pedro wasn't! We had to arrive separately because Pedro was working, and on his way, he got stuck in a horrible traffic jam because of an accident in which they closed down the road. So the good news was slightly overshadowed by worrying what happened to him (we only have one cell phone) - we knew there had been an accident on his route. I asked the midwife to wait until Pedro got there before telling me what the sex of the baby was, and we waited until they were closing before the midwife couldn't wait any longer. Had he gotten there before the clinic closed, she was going to let us do the ultrasound again so that Pedro could get a chance to see - poor Pedro!

BUT - he made it out safely but could only get back to his job. Once I found out what happened, I drove there to tell him in person. It's a girl and we're VERY excited!!!!

Jessi, me, and Lentil in London
(Pedro on photography)


Guillermo said...

Estamos muy contentos y no podemos

creer que sea una nena.Ya estamos

ansiosos porque nazca.

CuĂ­dense mucho y hasta


Aida y Willie

April & Pedro said...

Nosotros tambien estamos asombrados de que sea una nena y ya estamos deseosos de que nazca Isabella.

Bendicion y carinios.

Pedro y April