Friday, 11 January 2008

35 Weeks

Before seeing Shakespeare play (Merry Wives of Windsor)
with a friend last night

Bueno, ya llegó la semana numero 35 del embarazo y me siento como un bloque de madera - completamente solida, gruesa, y pesada. Yo camino un poquito mas lento cada día que salgo con los perros - pero por lo menos todavía puedo ejercitarme. Esta mañana me desperté y me levanté a las cuatro y media de la madrugada - no podía dormir ni conseguir un citio comodo en la cama - así que en vez de tratar de dormir me entretuvé mirando el website de eBay. Tenemos una cena formal de la compañía de Pedro en el 2 de Febrero - solamente dos semanas antes de la fecha del parto. Hay que comprar un vestido lindo (y grande) que cubra toda mi barriga enorme - solamente por una ocasión! Es increíble pensar que vamos a ser papa y mama en cuestión de semanas!!!
It took me forever to make the above Spanish translation, but I did it! I'll try to keep up with it.

I'm 35 weeks pregnant now and I feel like a big block of wood - totally solid, thick, and heavy. Each day I left the house to heft my weight around the neighborhood on dog walks I go a bit slower - but at least I can still get myself some exercise. This morning I woke up at 4:30a.m. - I couldn't sleep or find any comfortable position so I just got up - and surfed eBay. I have to find a formal dress for Pedro's company party on February 2nd, which is only two weeks prior to my due date! So after finding nothing fitting in my closet, I have to find a nice (and big) dress that covers my big belly - and just for one time!

It's incredible to think that we're going to be parents in only a matter of weeks!


Guillermo said...

Esa bebé quiere salir ya,vas a tener que hacer un esfuerzo para que no vaya a salir antes de tiempo.Queremos estar contigo cuando llegue el momento del alumbramiento.
La traducción al español está perfecta.
Lucía te va a enviar el (bassinet)
o moisés o el canasto para el bebé.
Hasta pronto y que DIOS,los bendiga.
Aida y Willie.

Ben's Mama said...

Hello Hot Mama!

I so remember being where you are right now. Feeling so heavy and big and just wanting to get some sleep. Don't worry it will all be over soon enough and you will finally have your little lentil in your arms.

Re: the dress -- you might have more success trying to find a skirt & sweater to wear to the party. Or I would be happy to send you the red dress that I wore to my baby shower. Its not awesomely dressy but I think it would work. Its a large so it should fit. Let meknow!

Lucia said...

Te ves preciosa. Me fascina la blusa que luces en la foto. God bless you. :o)

Leonardo Flores said...

You look great! Keep us updated as to when little Isabella arrives. We can't wait to see pictures of her. Those last weeks fly by--you will be holding her before you know it.

Love, Kara and Leo

April & Pedro said...

Thanks everyone! Amanda - I found a dress online that fits perfectly, so I'm covered! Thank you though. Lucy - you're so sweet, thanks again for the bassinet and the Snugli. Leo and Kara - we'll let you know - I'm off to check out your blog.