Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Baby's First Big Trip

feeling marble at Siena's Duomo

We spent a few days in Italy over the weekend to celebrate Pedro's upcoming 33rd birthday. We had a wonderful time in the sun and warmth, and the only real downside to traveling the hassle with transportation (Italians love their strikes almost as much as the French!). Here are a few photos - if you'd like to see all of them, let me know and I'll send you an email with the link to my album at Kodak Gallery. PS - The newspaper article was published yesterday - we'll put up a link or copy up here soon.

Pedro's beard is a new fascination

she loved the colors at our hotel room in Pisa

Pisa's Baptistery

one of those famous landmarks...

strolling in Siena

at the Duomo in Siena


Amanda said...

Awesome pics! Definitely send me the link to your gallery. So, glad y'all are getting back into the groove of traveling. Isabella looks gorgeous as usual!

Familia Flores said...

Que bien se ven los tres!!!! La beba esta hermos, que Dios la cuide!!! Me encanta el pelo rojo. Tienen planes de venir? Espero que sigan bien.

Muchos besos!!

Esthercita said...

WOW! She's really gorgeous. Pedro Juan she's growing up so fast soon you're not gonna have a baby anymore, oh! Yo no se tu pero ve preparandote mentalmente por que va a tener chicos detras.(jajaja just kiding). Take care enjoy every single blistful moment. And God Bless You!!!

Anonymous said...

April, your baby is adorable and so happy. I hope all is well.


April & Pedro said...

thank you all for your comments - the trip was so nice for all of us, especially the warm weather since we don't have guaranteed warm summers here in England.


April & Pedro

kelly said...

April Lou! And Pedro, too! You guys are awesome! I love that you can travel like that. Isabella is going to have an amazing journey! Keep up with the blog. I haven't checked it in awhile. It's so nice to see the changes in Isabella. I wish I could hold her. i'm glad your mom got to go over there. Phots are priceless Take care, love always,aunt Kelly