Friday, 27 June 2008

In the News

I got a phone call from a colleague I volunteered with last year at the Peterborough Environment City Trust's Seeding Sustainable Communities Project. The Daily Telegraph is working on a article about "Green Mums" and they'd like to interview me about cloth diapering. It's not too often that a new mother gets recognition in the newspaper! If anything comes of the article, I'll post a link here on the blog.

In other news, Isabella seems fast on her way to becoming mobile, much to my chagrin. I think I'd like her to stay put (and easy) for just a bit longer - but she seems to have other plans. Yesterday, she furiously kicked and wiggled forward in what appeared to be a precursor to crawling (more like inch-worming). She has also started rocking back and forth when sitting on my lap - it's so cute! I've also found an extremely ticklish spot on her tummy that makes her laugh in the most crazy way - I'll try and catch it on video soon. It's interesting though - as soon as I turn on the camera, she turns into Posh Spice and getting her to smile is something else (why smile, when you can Blue Steel?).

Posh Spice

Derek Zoolander and Blue Steel


Amanda said...

so cool! be sure to mention to the reporter that you also have a blog!

you never know, you could eventually start making enough from ad revenue that you will be able to hang up your bar towel!

love you and miss you!

April & Pedro said...

thanks for the comment! i sent just sent you an email. love, April