Thursday, 16 October 2008

Barefoot Contessa

Through my pregnancy I got addicted to a cooking show called the Barefoot Contessa, whose "celebrity" chef is Ina Garten. Her buttery recipes have inspired many a meal. So imagine my surprise to see her at the same restaurant eating at the table next to us! I was in the middle of trying to put Isabella to sleep when the host seated her, her husband (who is also always on the show) and some of their friends. It took me the whole night to get up the courage to ask her for a photo, and when I finally got eyes turned out to be were closed in the photo. Doh! She and everyone at her table said they loved watching Isabella...but then again, who doesn't?

Here are a couple other larger photos I wanted to share that weren't in the slideshow.

the hotel

a cafe near the Champs-Elysees


Mary said...

I am so jealous, April. I love watching her over here on the Food Network. I love her how calm she is. I would be terrified to ask her for a photograph. Now, at least I can say that I know someone who met her!! :) Was she just as friendly as she seems to be on tv?

April & Pedro said...

Yeah, she was really nice! I was afraid she would think I was rude for interrupting her dinner but she was cool.

Monique said...

OH! The even more interesting question should be what restaurant were you at??? I never manage to see anyone remotely famous when I'm on vacay. Cheers for meeting your foodie idol!

April & Pedro said...

Monique - we were at this amazing restaurant called Atelier on Maitre Albert street - It was a really nice restaurant but not Michelin starred or anything so I was surprised to see her there. We were the first diners to arrive and called in advance to make sure they were cool with babies :) We're the earliest eaters these days!

Monique said...

Oh! I totally forgot about how early dinner with a baby would seem in France. The restaurants usually don't even open for dinner before 7pm. Hahahaha...we're the opposite though, we wait till she's in bed before we eat. So, it's usually around 8 or 8:30 (which Benoit loves since that's his usual French dinnertime). By the way, when are you going to put an RSS feed link on your blog? I want to stay current! ;)

And, if you're ever in Paris again and want some good Vietnamese food we stumbled upon this AWESOME place near Les Halles called Num. Gotta get back there soon!

Janine said...

I just love your little ones hair!! She is just way to cute!! My little Jade has a lot of hair, but I love red heads!!