Thursday, 2 October 2008

It's Getting Colder!

I don't have much time to make this post, but I wanted to put up the photo I took of Isabella just before our dog walk yesterday because it made me laugh. Now I'm off to make an apple pie from the windfall of apples my neighbor gave me. I also made some blackberry jam from more berries that I picked when we got back. I'm trying to do some leisurely homey things before I start work at the end of the month!


Monique said...

She looks like a very hungry, bored, angry little teddy bear. I laughed when I saw it. hee hee hee... I love bear suits for kids. Is the hat part of a set?

April & Pedro said...

I think she was tired more than anything else - the hat was a gift from my neighbor and it's not actually a teddy hat - it just has all these little poms all over it :)