Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hold Your Little One Tight

Last week we had a terrible tragedy in our village. My neighbor lost her little boy, Harry, who was only two months older than Isabella. They just played together at a birthday party a few weeks ago. He had an problem with his heart they didn't know about. I don't feel right saying much more than that. But for whatever it is worth, please send your prayers to our little corner of the globe.


Anonymous said...

That's terrible. Sending you a hug and giving one to Gianna extra tight tonight too.

Aida y Willie said...

Es un momento muy doloroso para tu amiga que tiene que haberte afectado mucho ya que era tu amiga
y vecina.
Que DIOS,le de fortaleza para sobrellevar esta pérdida tan grande como lo es perder a un hijo.
Aida y Willie.