Monday, 30 March 2009


Here comes tooth #5! Each tooth has taken its time to come down, and up until about two weeks ago she looked like a little jack-o-lantern with only one chicklet-sized toother on top. Now, they suddenly seem to be coming faster and I see several more spots where teeth are probably soon to make an appearance.
With the teeth comes an aversion to spoon-feeding. She only wants finger food - little sandwiches, string cheese (a favorite!), and fruit, as you see above.

She almost ate that whole pear before it was squished into the plush carpet of that pub. We leave a trail and a big tip in our wake!


Aida y Willie said...

Esa nena bella que DIOS la cuide,ya le pueden dar pan del duro y carne.Cuando se ríe lo hace con ganas,esa escena del perro buscando la bola y ella riendo está fabulosa.
Que DIOS los bendiga a todos.
Aida y Willie.

Monique said...

What kind of sandwiches do you make her. I'm stuck at almond butter and jam sandwiches. I do use peanut butter but like to switch it up. She doesn't eat meat yet and I'm scared to try tuna because of the mercury. So any ideas would be welcome!

April & Pedro said...

I usually make her some variation of cheese sandwich. My favorite is a mix of cream cheese with goat's cheese (pasteurized) with minced parley and coriander (er, cilantro as they say back home). Hummus sandwiches are another winner.