Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Late Spring Bliss

Since Isabella was about 4 months old she has LOVED to have a sheet, towel, or any type of fabric tickling her face. As you can see, she hasn't changed much.

These photos were taken this weekend. We had a great Memorial Day and spent the time mostly outside - filled up the kiddie pool and Pedro and Isabella got to swim in the warm weather. Our fun was punctuated by Isabella's bouts with diarrhea. Over the last few days it has gotten worse and the poor thing was a mess a few nights ago. I took her to the doctor yesterday and got a prescription for some electrolyte syrup and she seems to be recovering. But other than that one grizzly night, she has been been acting totally normal and happy throughout.

I'm in the process of getting a new camera as my current one is slowly going kaput. I'm hoping to trade up from my KodakEasyShare point-and-shoot to some sort of fancy Nikon SLR - so when that happens, stay tuned for better shots!

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