Thursday, 7 May 2009

May Madness

Isabella is almost 15 months now (next week). The list of things she is learning to do is getting ever longer. We are about to make a short trip to Washington D.C. to accompany Pedro on a 5-day business trip (we all have tickets, but the swine flu is making us reconsider...). Anyway, Pedro was remarking on how this is going to be her first trip as a really conscious little person who can communicate beyond a cry and can physically do more that sit unaided. It’s going to be interesting.

Today, Isabella spent the morning whining and driving Pedro crazy as he attempted to entertain her before work, while letting me get a few more minutes of sleep. When I ended up putting her down for a nap earlier than usual, she immediately fell asleep on my shoulder while I sang (it has been a while since she has done this). Then, as I was leaving the room, she woke up one more time to pucker her lips and demand a kiss, “Mmmmm!” Speaking of kisses, her latest passion is the butterfly kiss and she has been known to unexpectedly mash her lips into my eye. She is such a cuddly, affectionate, arm rubbing, leg hugging little bitty!

The weather in England has gotten absolutely beautiful. I got my organic veggie box today and it looked so pretty I thought I would include it in this post, since I don’t have any new photos of Isabella. I'm thinking rhubarb crisp tonight. I'm looking forward to summer more than ever!


Monique said...

Yummy springtime veggies! I have been wondering about those box programs. They seem on the expensive side over here and I wonder if we would use all the produce in a week. How do you like it? And Isabella is just gorgeous. I loved the Easter pics!

April & Pedro said...

Yeah, I have looked at box prices in California (I used to live in Monterey) and they are very steep compared to here, actually. Here, they only cost an average of 10% more than non-organic from big box stores (their recent comparison findings). I've been using the "box scheme" for three years now and I love it. In winter, it is a challenge to use up all the cabbage and root veg they throw at me, but I love to cook - I just have to be sneaky about how I cook it so that Pedro eats it. He is so not a foodie.