Friday, 11 September 2009

Coming Soon to a City Near You

We just got back from my working vacation trip to Naples and Sorrento in sunny Italy. The weather was perfect and the food was delicious. Isabella was a little angel, she put up with our late night schedules and our pesky habit of taking our time while we ate out. All in all she had a lot of fun and enjoyed taking swims at the pool with Papa and Mama as well as taking an impromptu walk on the beach. In the top picture Isabella was in this restaurant calling the lady in the window (visible in the picture) Abi, the nickname she has for grandma Aida. The lady loved her and at the end I had to take Isabella to say good bye to her given that she got all upset that we were leaving and she had not said goodbye to "Abi." We are taking it easy this weekend in preparation for our long vacation ahead starting next Thursday. We are flying back to the states and Puerto Rico to visit friends and family and we cant wait.

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Maria said...

How fun to go to Italy. Isabella is so cute. Have fun in PR!!! I am going in November for Thanksgiving.