Friday, 21 August 2009

18 Months

Isabella is 18 months now - a milestone that always seemed so, so far away whenever I looked at her 18-month clothing stash (half of which she's still too small for now that she's reached it). In these posts I find myself holding back that tendency every parent has to make sentences beginning with "my baby can do this....and my baby can do that...and my baby is the bestest and smartest baby in the whole wide world because she can do whathaveyou..." But I have to tell you about this thing she started this week that just blows my mind! She can now PUT HER SHOES ON!!! Isn't that crazy? She can put her shoes on by herself, not just her slip on boots but her little loafers, and I'm still baffled by how she is able to do it because it isn't exactly easy. She can also put a skirt or overalls on, provided they are bottom loaded. Her new morning routine is to don shoes then come running to me in the kitchen verbally demanding and signing "Play, Play, PLAY!!!!" Which basically means, "Take me outside immediately!" If not obeyed, this routine is followed by a fit of apocalyptic proportions - and this is where the bragging stops. It's probably hard to imagine this cute, sweet little girl in the photos having such a meltdown, but believe me, it happens several times a day and it ain't pretty.

the daily strawberry forage

We are planning our next trip already. Pedro is going to Naples again in less than two weeks and we already have our tickets. I'm getting a little nervous because Jessi hasn't had her baby yet and I plan on being there (her little girl's due the 24th!!!). But, I'm looking forward to eating pizza every day in the place where it was fabulously invented.

the tomatoes she calls "nummy, nummy, nummy"

Shortly after this "work" trip, we are planning a long family vacation in the US and Puerto Rico. It's been a whole year since my mom and the rest of my family saw Isabella. If we can swing it, we'll be taking a short trip to New York to see some friends on the first couple days of the trip. My passport is chock-a-block full of stamps, but I've never actually set foot in Manhattan. These plans, in fact, are hinging on whether or not I can get more pages in my passport in time for my visa renewal. The British consulate won't renew it without a blank page, and much to my surprise, there isn't one.

the tomato thief - I wish I had caught the shot before that other tomato came off the vine

SO. In the meantime, I will be trying not to think too much on all of the flights that will take us where we want to go because after all this travel I've done, I have developed a very real fear of flying. My palms are sweating even now as I write this. I remember enjoying flying, but after a series of bad landings, terrible turbulence, and the bad news in the news (not to mention that horrible show Air Crash Investigation on Discovery), I have joined the ranks of my family who never visit because they're afraid of flying. Any advice or tips to help counter this irrational thinking are very much welcome.

In closing, I would like to share a laugh with you regarding the weird photo you see below. Isabella loves baby dolls - this one is a creepy-cool thrift store find that I hope to make clothes for at some point. Anyway. I found Isabella carrying the doll around the house yesterday and giving it some kind of crazy tongue-kiss that made me do a double take. Of course, she had fed it a raisin (as you see in the pic) then changed her mind a wanted it back. I guess tongue sucking it out was the best option - albeit unsuccessful.

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Jessi said...

Those are great pictures. We found some blackberry bushes in our yard the other day, so next time Isabella pays a visit she can have at 'em!