Sunday, 25 April 2010

Easter - A Very Late One

But better late than never, I say! Because we were gone for Easter, I stubbornly wanted to celebrate it anyway and made big plans for an Easter get-together three weeks late. Odd, I know, but that's my personality for you!

So today we had a few of our friends with families over for a potluck lunch and egg hunt. It turned out so well that we'll just have to do egg hunts for the kids more often (just kidding). But it was really great - we had tons and tons of empty plastic eggs that we filled with jelly beans, chocolates, and other tooth-rotters and we hid them all along a trail next to our house. We had eggs up in the trees, in the bushes, and under leaves. Isabella was confused at first, but once she caught on she kept saying "huevos! more huevos!". There were five little kids running around frantically seeking out those little colored eggs - it made me so happy. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy holidays with kids?

As for the friends went all out - there was moussaka, coconut chicken korma, mini-cheesecakes, treacle spongecake with custard, lobster salad, and nettle and feta savory pastries - to name a few.


Amanda said...

We had an awesome time! Your excitement is so infectious -- thanks flr letting it rub off on me.

April & Pedro said...

yes, i am such a kid at heart. i'm glad you had a good time. can i cook for you the week bob is gone? i'd love an excuse to try that Aga anyway :P.

Maria said...

more huevos!! that's cute!!Her dress is very cute, did you make it? The food you guys had sound so yummy and fancy!!

April & Pedro said...

Maria - Yes I did make her dress - unfortunately it was a bit cold so you can't see the whole thing with her cardigans on. The food was great, not fancy - my friend Aneta is the cheesecake queen and the lobster was imitation lobster (but still fantastic!). The nettles were picked by me and were meant for soup but the warmer weather made me change my mind and use them wiht filo dough instead :).