Saturday, 17 April 2010


the traditional Swedish Dala horse

A belated Happy Easter to everyone! We are home, and a good thing we came back before the Icelandic volcano blew it's top, because it sent so much ash over European air space that all flights around here have been canceled for days now. (Yet despite this ash cloud we have had an absolutely beautiful weekend! Sunny!).

Our trip to Sweden and Norway was lovely - we especially enjoyed Stockholm.

Pedro got his Scandinavian snow after all

In Stockholm, we stayed at a really fun hotel owned by ABBA's Benny Anderssen - so the whole hotel was done in hilarious 70's retro. The rest of our trip included eating lots of fish (Isabella was very adventurous), shopping in cool Scandinavian design shops (mostly for project ideas!), and walking, walking, walking. Our train trip from city to city was absolutely gorgeous and the countryside was studded with charming red and white houses and many, many tree-lined lakes.

this little girl is a great traveler!

Next time we're in that area we will definitely rent a cabin or something so we can experience more of the rugged beauty there.

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Anonymous said...

Bella looks so cute in her big-girl coat and cute little boots.:o)