Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Baby Check Ups and So Forth

We had a visit from our community midwife this morning to check on Isabella's physical and mental development. Sarah came over this morning and checked her reflexes, responses, and strength - and Isabella did very well on everything. When Sarah lifted her by her hands, Isabella stood straight up and had great neck control - Sarah said that usually doesn't happen for three more months. She also had her follow an object with her eyes and Isabella was very interested and alert (even though she was totally ready to go down for her first morning nap). She also put a baby rattle within her reach and Isabella went straight for it and grabbed the toy (a milestone we just hit yesterday!).

In other news, Isabella did a proper laugh yesterday too (it was definitely a day of firsts)! I was doing some sit-ups with her on my knees (don't be too impressed - another first) and she thought that was just the most hilarious thing in the world. I tried to catch it on tape but it didn't go so well once the film started rolling.

Tomorrow we have her next set of vaccinations. I'm hoping that goes as well as it did last time!

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