Friday, 9 May 2008

She Wants to Be a Rock Star

I had a mini-photo shoot with Isabella today and I just couldn't resist putting up a few in the same pose. She had just woken up from a three hour nap and was as happy as can be. When she smiles, she really puts her heart into it and smiles so hard that her little eyes just about disappear! She can roll over with relative ease now and seems to be well on her way to actually doing it on command.

The weather here has gotten significantly warmer so we've been spending as much time outside as possible. Hopefully the good weather stays with us because Grandma Sue is coming next week!


Monique said...

I absolutely LOVE those zebra print pants! Where oh where did you find them?? Gianna needs a little help with her inner rock star. ;)

April & Pedro said...

It's actually a skirt - I got them at a shop here in England - and they were on clearance!

April & Pedro said...
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Ben's Mama said...

The new pics are great! I love that last smile -- you can just see the pure happiness on her face.

Auntie said...

!Feliz Dia De Las Madres!
!Te Quiero!

Love that smile, Sissy she looks just like one I have of you in your little Blue Dress. Time to get some little hair accessories in that "upDO"
she has your dimples in the cheeks
And I cant wait to "eat her up" Come home this summer so we can all have our annual water fight!

Larry and I were gandparnets on Friday Landon Lew (LOU) born 8 pds and 21 inches long blonde blonde hair and he looks like Lacey Mae Grandpa and Auntie Sacha Sophie Lou
Happy moms day Its the best day ever....Much love to you and all