Friday, 9 May 2008

The Rest of Today's Pictures and More

I wanted to post the rest of the pictures April took today in a separate post, and here they are. Isabella's wakeful periods are filled with wild, random kicks and punches accompanied by loud coos, gurgles, and sighs - so she gets pretty tired out and often passes out unexpectedly. Our indoor lighting is horrendous due to the construction of this 200 year old English building, but some shots just have to be shared, even if they're a little blurry.


Aida y Willie said...

Isabella Aida esta hermosa y muy simpatica.Nos disfrutamos su carcajada.Esperamos que siga su crecimiento normal para seguir disfrutando de cada movimiento y ocurrencia suya.Felicitamos a sus amorosos y orgullosos padres.
Aida y Willie.

kelly huseby said...

First of all, Happy 1st Mother's day, April!! These new pics are great ! Isabella is so cute. We think she looks alot like you at that age. Love that hair! Grandma and Grandpa are here with me, Grandma would like you to send pictures of Isabella to them . As they have no computer yet. Glad to hear your Mom is coming I bet she is so excited to to all of you. Talk to you soon! Love, Kelly

Ben's Mama said...

April - Hope you enjoyed your first American Mother's Day! It just occurred to me that you also Isabella for your first British Mother's Day! I hope both days were great.

Oh! and Pedro you are looking pretty good -- maybe you have lost some weight too?

April & Pedro said...

I had to work on mother's day (only because I didn't realize it was coming up when I did my sked).

Amanda - Pedro has been working out since the new year - I think he's lookin' good too! I'll tell him you said that - he'll love it.