Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Mom and Danny's Visits

braving the rain

my mom, with Danny and Isabellachanging her diaper in Cambridge

outside the houses of parliament in London

at the Texas Embassy restaurant in London

strolling in London

in front of Buckingham Palace

My mom went back home to Minnesota two Saturdays ago. My cousin Danny and his girlfriend flew over from Germany to spend a few days with us while she was here too. So we all hopped on a train into London and stayed in a hotel for two nights before we saw them all off again. We had a wonderful time having family around again and now we're all by our lonesomes again!

The weather here has been weird - some days sunny (yesterday was 84 degrees F), and some days rainy and a bit chilly. We drove through the rain to Stonehenge, saw the site, and pretty much turned back for home right afterwards. I showed my mom as much as I could in the 12 days she was here and we really did have a great time - it was wonderful for her to finally see the baby for the first time.

Now it's back to getting Isabella on a routine. She's been sleeping badly for the last several days, which has been a challenge for us. Tomorrow she has her four month vaccinations - yippee! Can you believe it's been four months?!


Amanda said...

It sounds like your mom had a really good time!

Good luck getting Isabella back on schedule. The more consistent her schedule then the better she will sleep at night -- or at least that's what the books say.

I am finally weaning Ben. We are down to 2 feeding a night. Hopefully we'll be done by the end of the month. Its been a good run but I am so ready to have my body back and maybe get a whole nights sleep again!

Jessi said...

I love the picture of you and your mom in the rain. You both look so happy! Don't worry, you won't be lonesome too much longer because we will be there soon to drop in uninvited and eat your food :)

That hat in the last picture and the expression on Isabella's face is PRECIOUS.

April & Pedro said...

Amanda - Yes, we had a great time. Isabella is slowly getting back to sked now, but she knows when bedtime is and fights it with all she's got. So you're weaning Ben? Remember it well so that you can give me all your tried and true tips when it's over.

Jess- Come soon! We miss you!