Sunday, 21 September 2008

We're home!

Isabella and I are finally home from our trip to Minnesota. Although we didn't get to see everybody we were hoping to see, we stayed very busy seeing quite a few other family members and friends. I really wanted to go out to see my sister-in-law Lucy who gave birth to baby Victoria earlier this week! Congratulations to Jerry and Lucy!

Both Isabella and I arrived home in England with terrible colds and we've been trying to recuperate all day, but it's miserable for a nursing mother and a 7-month old - neither of us can take much to relieve the cold symptoms. Other than that, our return journey went really well because we stayed at a hotel in the Minneapolis airport to get some rest before our 6a.m. flight yesterday. Posts about our trip will be forthcoming, including more photos, but I just wanted to post one quick pic before I turn in for the night.

Isabella & her cousin Kaitlyn in my mom's yard


Jessi said...

Wow, Kaitlyn has Adam's eyes. And Isabella is the picture of happiness! Hope you both feel better soon.

Aida y Willie said...

Esa muñequita de Isabella siempre simpática y su prima es bella.
Estamos locos por que llegue diciembre para tenerlos por acá y poder acariciarla.
Aida y Willie.

Aida y Willie said...

Estamos locos por que vengan para poder acariciar a Isabella que como siempre,luce bien simpática.