Thursday, 25 September 2008

The Long Trip

Before we ever flew anywhere with Isabella I was nervous about how she would travel in a confined space surrounded by many people. I have heard about and have been witness to many children having prolonged temper tantrums or wild runs on airplanes. Prior to my trip to the US, we flew twice within Europe with Isabella and she did great. The trip to the US was no exception, even though the day we left she officially started teething, and the day we left for our return journey she was suffering from the tremendous cold that I now have (which, incidentally, is the first illness she's had at all). We had a bulkhead seat and I was able to use the aircraft's bassinet so she could lay down for short spells, which was really nice. The flight attendants were attentive to us, but it still didn't quite make up for the ticketing issue we found out about two days before our departure. (American Airlines made me pay an additional and extortionate $500 just to have her in my lap. Flying domestically, it's $0. They also damaged my stroller and the cup holders were torn off. But enough about that unpleasantness, nobody has a good time with airlines these days anyway.) During the flights, I amazed myself with my one-handed abilities - not only was I able to quickly change her in the tiny airplane bathroom, but I could use it myself while holding her in one arm, prevent her from touching any of the nasty walls that were all within her reach AND wash both hands. Dealing with all my luggage and a baby stroller were quite another matter and I had to ask for help wherever I could get it. To all of the kind strangers who went out of their way to help me - THANK YOU.

In other Isabella news - She's teething but still hasn't cut a tooth. She's been sitting up by herself for a month and a half. She doesn't crawl but instead eyeballs her target, then scoots, rolls, and creeps in for the kill. To my horror, she has an affinity for electrical cords and goes for those first. Her intelligence often catches me off guard because she can predict what will happen in certain games we play. And right now, even though her poor little voice sounds like a smoker's, she is happily chatting away with her new surplus of toys.


Jessi said...

That is ridiculous that they charged you $500 to have her in your lap. Crazy! I am very happy I won't be making that flight with a baby...just two rowdy boys, but that is more manageable! Glad to hear things didn't get out of control. By the way, I LOVE that quilt!

Auntie said...

Pix dont due her justice, Bring her bac so that I can "Eat her up"
I miss you both tons and she looks now like from the "Proud parents" snapshot Pedro's lips and the rest you "dimples" and all, thanks t you I am wanting another baby.
kisses to my gourgous Grand Neice

April & Pedro said...

Thanks Jess - that quilt was ours when we were kids - I'm amazed it's still intact. In fact, I should have taken it home with me.

Auntie - She gets so many kisses from me on a daily basis that she's probably going to have issues as an adult because of it! :) Miss you.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget to play a video now for Grandma Aida, and everyone I want them to see she is Se Habla Espanol~ and she loves her Croakie
Like her favrite cousin Sacha Sophie Lou, she wil not have many issues with all the LOVE she takes it, enjoy each day and never EVER take one for granted, then bring her back here for RED LIPSTICK KISSES xxoo God, I love her

Janine said...

Are you serious?? This is so cute!! Next time you are home, I'd love to meet her!!