Monday, 3 August 2009

17 months

the inseparable duo

While the rest of the world seems to be suffering under intense heat waves, we in England have been perfectly cool. Though, to be honest, I would love a good heat wave right now - in fact, this very moment I am fighting the urge to put on a sweater on the principle that it's not fall yet, even though it feels like we are already in the downward slope toward winter. The sun has been going down earlier and coming up later - in stark contrast to our extremely long days (sun down around 11pm) and very early mornings (up by 4am). The early sunrises won't be all that missed because Isabella tends to rise with the sun, and that's fun for no one.

so many stunning flowers out back

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend. The weather held out and we got to put in some much needed outdoor time, washing cars, going to the park, and going on a beautiful country hike. In fact, on Saturday, we had a power outage around dusk that lasted long into the night. There was no television, no computer, no noise for miles around. I took the dogs on an extra long walk and left Pedro reading by candlelight. When I got back, the sun was just setting on the horizon and we could see the beautiful colors from our back garden. We actually got to just sit and chat over some crisp, summery Pinot Grigio as it got darker and darker. Once the lights came back on around 11pm, we sighed then turned the t.v. on as if electricity had come back in to spoil the fun. Strange how we condition ourselves to modern life, huh?

yes, weeding on on today's agenda

Today I plan on spending lots of time outside once Isabella wakes from her nap because it looks like it's going to be another lovely day for playing with the dirt.


Anonymous said...

What is it with kids and dogs?? Oh yeah the kids feed the dogs... and the dogs entertain the kids!! They go hand-in-hand, can't have one without the other! She is getting so big! And so cute!


Maria said...

I love her outfit, her boots are adorable. I wish we had your nice weather, we are melting in the heat and humidity here in Florida.

April & Pedro said...

Janine! kids and dogs - yes, they really do go hand in hand. Isabella loves putting her ear to Tracia's tummy and listening and laughing at what she hears.

Maria - England and nice weather aren't usually used in a sentence together. We're lucky to have had a nice last few days. But after living in Georgia for 5 years, I can completely relate to hating that kind of heat.