Sunday, 9 August 2009

Who is Benjamin? And More of Summer...

this butterfly was persistent

Isabella has entered the world of triple syllables. She keeps talking about this Benjamin character we have yet to meet (in fact, the only Ben we know lives all the way in Tucson and Isabella has yet to make his acquaintance). She continues to babble, gesticulate and sign but still no clue as to who or what this Benjamin is.

another farmer's market weekend - berries for the voracious berry eater

In other news, Pedro is home from his trip to Italy. We decided to sit this one out because Pedro is expected to make another trip over there before the end of the year. After hearing about the hot weather in Naples I was a teeny bit sorry we didn't go with him.

dirt mustaches are how we roll around here - I have one too

This past weekend we had great weather again and celebrated our bit of summer with a dinner party with seven people. I made a full Italian meal with lots of appetizers, a huge salmon, farro salad, lasagna, and panna cotta with market berries for dessert. We had a blast and I'm resolved to do it more often.


Maria said...

Beautiful pictures, those vegetables and fruit look so delicious. It sounds like you are a great cook. I wish I could come visit and enjoy some of your cooking.

Amanda said...

She's ready for our arrival! Maybe Isabella is thinking about all the fun things she and Ben will be doing together when we finally get back.