Monday, 15 February 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Isabella!

The "2" totally looks like a "Z". Oops.

The big reveal, and my 2-year-old really likes it!

opening the loot

butterfly cupcakes with pretzels for wings

magnetic earrings that made her seem so much older

Isabella's birthday party was a hit last Saturday. We had the party a bit late so that the kids could come after nap time and the adults wouldn't have to rush off with testy toddlers by midday. But even though we scheduled the party for later on, literally everyone was almost an hour late. We were all in our birthday best, all the food was hot and set on the table, drinks were mixed, music was playing, myriad toys were ready to be played with....and yet, no one arrived for so long that I began to feel like this was going to be one of those stories I could chuckle at in 10 years, but for the moment tears seemed most likely. In the end, almost everyone came and the living room was packed to bursting (6.5 kids and 8 adults) .

We decided to get Isabella a slide for her big gift and every day since we gave it to her has been full of sliding. She even asks just to check and "see slide," just in case it mysteriously disappears while she's in the next room. A dream come true, obviously.


Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Bithday Isabella!!! The ear rings look very nice on you. :o)

Tia Lucia, Tio Jerry, Ricardo, Emmanuel and Victoria

Amanda said...

Sorry none of your pictures of Isabella opening her gifts didn't include Ben's huge head. We had a great time and is was awesome to meet all your friends. Looking forward to more get-togethers!

Hope y'all are feeling better.

April & Pedro said...

Thanks Lucy! Amanda - I almost got a cute one of Ben but the lighting was really bad and it turned out really blurry (plus, Aneta had my camera most of the time and I don't think she was used to looking through the viewfinder to get the shot (sorry, Ani)!)

Maria said...

WOW, I can't believe she is two!!!Happy birthday!!

April & Pedro said...

tell me about it!