Friday, 5 February 2010

23 Months and the Countdown is On to 2!

the duvet of fun - excellent indoor game!

potty training is off and on at this stage

she likes to have a book propped up for her to "read" as she's falling asleep

sneak peak at her birthday present

the owl bookends I bought at the Cambridge Sunday market

the prism garland I bought for her even before she was a twinkle in my eye

Isabella and I just spent the most wonderful afternoon outside, now that the sun has come out and the air has warmed ever so slightly. We went for an hour long walk (sans stroller) picking up seeds, jumping in muddy puddles like Peppa Pig, and waving to every passing car (I think peoples' days automatically brighten to see a little girl waving hello at them). It's the kind of day that gets you making plans for spring.

I decided to take some photos of Isabella's room a few days ago after I cleaned and rearranged it. I would like to remember what it looked like before we eventually convert the crib into a toddler bed and make any other changes to it as she gets bigger. Can you believe it's been almost two years?

At this age, she is making lots of sentences, singing several verses in songs, doing her version of yoga with "'Maste" (Namaste) guy (I can't even believe she came up with that on her own) , puts herself in a time out if she's really freaking out...and the list goes on.

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Maria said...

I love the pictures, the quilt you are making looks so pretty. My son Conner likes Peppa pig too!!