Wednesday, 24 February 2010

doing headstands before the Mardi Gras party that would land her... bed for the next week. 5 families went down with that virus!

but there are sure signs spring isn't far - snow drops are coming up!

Since last week we have had a series of minor troubles, including stomach flu and loss of heating in the house. Thankfully, so thankfully, we have several good friends who have contributed space heaters (thank you Aneta!), showers (thanks AmandaBob!), and shoulders to pout on (everybody else!). Monday night, Isabella had a relapse with vomiting and mere minutes later we discovered our oil tank was empty (right after I said, "Brrr! Pedro can you turn the heater on it's freezing in here!).

I really, really miss American-style central heating. The mammoth radiators from my 100-year-old high school were charming, but in a modern home they just take up good wall space and are fed by energy I'm not accustomed to buying à la carte. We have three different energy bills - electric, heating oil, and burning oil for the stove top. British boilers are notorious for being temperamental and all of my expat friends with kids have had boiler problems this very winter. So boiler complaints + freezing temps + apathetic British customer service = cold, cold house for days and days.


Anonymous said...

I'm praying you guys do move to the states. Would like to see Isabella more often. You are so blessed to have friends close by that are like family and are there in time of need. GBY.

April & Pedro said...

we are blessed in many ways - again, i loved the photos you emailed of the kids! keep them coming :)

Aida y Willie said...

Esperamos que todos se encuentren recuperados del virus y que ya Isabella este haciéndoles reir con sus ocurrencias.
que DIOS, les bendiga .
Abuela Aida y abuelo Willie.