Saturday, 16 February 2008


We're still waiting, still walking, still impatient - I've had three people looking expectantly at me all day. Don't mind that little baby countdown ticker to the left - for some reason it's beginning to count UP, obviously freaked out by the fact that I've gone past my due date. I have been having some Braxton-Hicks contractions this evening though, so I hope to take that as a good sign since I hadn't had ANY before. Now I'm off to try some acupressure.


Leonardo Flores said...

April, Pedro,

I hope everything goes beautifully! Kara, Olivia and I will have you in our thoughts and prayers...

You are in for a treat!



auntie said...

Generally the due date is an "approvximate" only to those of us who hav been prego, to disappoint. Just hang in there, as we were 2 weeks over and only God knows what he has in store for our new addition. And it will happen in time. And close to our Finnish holiday St.Urohs day too! She will come out just in time and, your face an all of the rets of you is "just perfect" keep your ankles high and away from salt (makes things appear much larger to the nakeed eye than it really is...) and enjoy the time of rest, love and blessings
and Isabella Lou Lou will be here soon

Jessi said...

I hope something is happening! I'm really glad you're updating this often. You must be going crazy with all this waiting.

Anonymous said...

anything at all photos or anything of that new arrival????