Friday, 8 February 2008

39 Weeks

This week's belly shot was taken at the end of the day, just as I was about to go to bed! I had a bit of a scare earlier when I realized in late afternoon that I hadn't really noticed the baby moving all day. She almost always responds if I rub or push my belly or if Pedro talks directly to her, but she didn't budge after numerous (and increasingly frantic) attempts. So we rushed over to the community clinic to get someone to check out the baby's heartbeat and my vitals just to make sure everything was fine. Of course, as soon as a doctor put the cold jelly to my navel, the baby started moving. That sense of terror and helplessness that proceeded the visit was terrible, though. I cannot say enough how thankful I am that I can just walk into the clinic and get seen right away without having to mess around with insurance paperwork or other bureaucratic concerns. It's hard to believe that almost ten months of pregnancy have passed and we're about to have a baby. I'm including a photo of the positive pregnancy test that I took all the way back on June 26th, 2007 - the very first of many exciting surprises for us!


Amanda said...

Sounds like she's ready chicklet. Both of my very very very active kids had a (frighteningly) noticeable drop in movement in the few days just before they decided to pop out. Have you started cleaning frantically?

Ben's Mama said...

Gosh - that sounds so terrifying. I never had a scare like that with Ben -- but then again the boy NEVER stops moving now, so I guess I'm not surprised that began in utero.

Does Pedro have all the passwords and stuff to this blog? Will he update it when you go into labor or shortly after you have the baby? Or will he send out emails? I want to be ona contact list!!


p.s. you found out about your pregnancy the day they packed up our house . . . how did you ever manage to keep it a secret for a whole day? tee hee.

auntie said...

ok, good instict on your part only your will know just like I did. So hang in there, only wish you were here to be close to us. You are all BABY, man wish Isabllea LOU was here to kiss and love does she know she is a Finnlander, we have St. Urohos Day coming the day before St.Paticks day so this will be the first for her.
Kepp us posted on it and blewssings

April & Pedro said...

I have been cleaning a lot - but that's been going on for a while now (especially since Pedro's parents just got here yesterday). Pedro has the passwords and stuff to this plus I'll make sure and put together an email list for you guys too, so hopefully you'll be well informed!


Jessi said...

That is so scary. I had that happen with Dylann, but it was earlier on and didn't last as long. Just not knowing what's going on in there is nervewracking.
I still can't believe it will be any day now!
Wish we were there!

April & Pedro said...

wish you were too!

jkohne1 said...

Oh dear! I look at your pic and remember the pain of the ninth month!!! I wanna let you know that when I had my boys there was NEVER a day without movement....but when I had my emily she scared me sooo bad!! She didn't move as much...I think it is a girl thing....hehe. I wish you all the luck in the world and congradulate you. I know it takes forever for that last month.....if you only knew how fast they are in kindergarden...well you will know...good luck and once again congrats!!!