Friday, 15 February 2008

40 Weeks...

...and not even a Braxton-Hicks contraction. After accidentally sleeping through my midwife appointment yesterday, I got to see her today - much to my disappointment - I had been hoping that I'd have given birth by now. BUT today is, after all, my official due date. I now have exactly seven days to produce a baby before more invasive measures are taken to coerce her out. I'm extremely puffy and increasingly uncomfortable. I'm denying our public the last belly picture because my face looks like a marshmallow with humanoid features. The photo you see above was taken this morning after my appointment. Keep sending out your birthing vibes!

1 comment:

Ben's Mama said...

Poor thing! I know exactly how you feel. And I'm sure with every little twinge in your back or sides sends your mind racing . . .is this it?

I'll keep sending good vibes your way -- you keep thinking about that blooming flower!

Love you!