Saturday, 29 March 2008

Almost 6 weeks old!

With her little Easter bunny toy from Great-Grandma Lu and Auntie Lisa & snuggly outfit from Grandma Susie

Isabella loves to stretch out on Abuela Aida's mat

This little one loves her baths now

Funky new toys from Grandma Susie!

Chillaxin' on Auntie Jenni's changing mat - our most favorite pastime


Isabella is growing so much! It's hard to believe that a month and a half ago I was going out of my mind to see her. We're still not getting much sleep at night but Isabella compensates me with her flashy new smiles and regular cooing sounds (Papa is wild for these sounds too). She now weighs more than 10lbs 7oz!


Ben's Mama said...

Oh April! You do SUCH good work! Isabella is such a beauty. I so wish I could be there to cuddle her and kiss those sweet cheeks.

Doesn't it seem like time just flies by now that you're a mama? I can't believe Ben will be 1 year old in a one week! Crazy.

auntie said...

great auntie lisa
please give her kisses she looks like you April when you where a baby! mucho love