Saturday, 1 March 2008

Two Weeks Baby!

Isabella turns two weeks old tomorrow! At this time two Saturdays ago I was about to start the gory labor that would bring a beautiful, wonderful little person into this world. I cannot believe how the days have flown as one. Nights are getting better (knock on wood) and we seem to be learning what her cries mean, which gets us much more sleep! It's like a miracle if one of us gets more than four hours at a time. We tend to stay up really late with Isabella (a night owl like her papa), and because of this, we were awake during Britain's strongest earthquake in 25 years (~5.3). Pedro said that when the whole house started shaking I actually screamed out "my baby!" - like in some cliché Hollywood disaster flick. Isabella didn't mind the tremor and continued to breastfeed and sleep even as I leaped from the couch and ran for cover with her in my arms. I'm feeling a lot better and will soon be my old self again, thanks to all of the amazing help from Pedro's mom and dad - to whom I will be forever grateful!!!!


Anonymous said...

Me alegra que todos esten en buena salud aparte de el temblor que sintieron. te ves muy bien y feliz. Isabella se ve que va hacer una nena muy lista. Dios los bendiga mucho.

Ben's Mama said...

I love the close up of her beautiful face! And so much hair! Hopefully, she doesn't go all Dr. Phil on you like Ben did.

Hope you are doing well . . . I think about y'all everyday.

Love, hugs & kisses

dannyhagglund said...

I can't wait to see little Isabella..She so cute!

Love you guys!


Luis Carlos said...

Si crees que no estas durmiendo ahora, espera a que Isabella tenga 16 años y estes toda la noche despierto esperando que ella llegue con sus amigas (palabras de un gran pediatra puertorriqueño). Esta creciendo rapido. Se ve super linda. Cuidenla y mimenla mucho. Pon mas fotos….. Me alegra saber que no paso nada por lo del temblor. Que bueno que los viejos estan haciendo su trabajo bien. Je, je, je.

Jessi said...

She's already looking older. She's going to be big by the time we see her! Her little mouth looks so cute in that picture. What a sweetie.

More pictures!

Amanda said...

Sometimes it's the background of a picture that really tells the story. We love and miss you guys!