Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter from the Sotomayors!!!

Here are some pictures of Isabella in her Easter dress (a gift from her auntie Lisa) with April, who had her birthday this Saturday. Happy birthday April!!. It was a snowy weekend here as you can see from the last picture.


Aprils Favorite Auntie said...

Hoppy Easter, its a very special day for a very special little angel.
Grandma Lu Lu picked out the dress with Auntie (just so she wont feel bad~to Clarify) She is a living doll. She is a true grift from God, you must give her a million kisses from Auntie Uncle Larry and cousin Sacha Sophie Lou too! Thank for this blog it made my Easter to come from Mass and see this. Happy Birthday on March 22 my favorite niece...Much love

April & Pedro said...

Yes, the dress was so sweet on her. She gets AT LEAST a million kisses a day. We had a great Easter and I had a lovely birthday - we stayed in bed as late as Isabella would let us, and she was actually pretty good both nights!