Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Isabella's First Month

Isabella is past her first month doing great and being as cute as ever. April spends her time trying to make Isabella smile. Thanks for all your posts and enjoy the new pictures.


Great Auntie said...

OH MY~ SHE looks a lot like cousin Caitlyn and a a lot like Uncle AAron Russell too, she is a living doll. We nick named her "Izzy or Bella" Bella= Beautiful seems to suit her just fine. Thank Goodness, I was getting tired of checking your family blog daily not to see any shots of the little Finnlander until today. She looks a lot like her Great Auntie (:} a well, I am surprised there are not more shots that baby girl I am sure has a TON of clothes. No Finn onsie yet, come on Sissy, put it on for Great Grandma and I...Let us know how she fits in her yellow easter dress. Much Love,

Ben's Mama said...

what a stunner! don't worry mommy, the smiles will come soon enough. and yes, they make even the longest, sleepless night worth every minute.

Jessi said...

She is gorgeous. Such a sweet face and the hair...the hair! I love the picture of the kiss. I'm sure she'll be smiling soon. The bib in the last picture is really pretty.

Guillermo said...

Aida y yo no habíamos visto estas fotos pero están bellísimas.Esa beba va a ser una artista en el futuro ya que sabe posar para sus retratos con esos padres tan amorosos.
Que DIOS,los bendiga.
Aida y Willie.