Monday, 14 April 2008

The Cloth Diaper Experience

I've had a lot of people recently asking me how it's going with the cloth diapers, so I thought I'd update everyone on that. We started using them about three days or so after Isabella was born and even though we have some Pampers and Tushies on stand-by we rarely use them unless we run out of the other ones. So now that we've got two month's use under the belt, I think it's safe to say we're hooked. Pedro and I both share in diaper duty and he's said more than once that he prefers the cloth to the disposable.

We've got three types of Tots Bots brand nappies - organic cotton, bamboo, and fleece (mostly made in the UK). They're all really easy to use and fasten either with velcro or a Snappi. Now that Isabella is a bit bigger, the diapers fit her really perfectly - and her little butt looks so cute in those fluffy things! I have about 25 diapers so we only need to run a full load every other day, and they dry quickly on the line (she goes through 7-10 a day at this stage). She hasn't had any nappy rash (touch wood) and we don't have to change her any more often than with a disposable due to the fabric types and their weaves. I got all kinds of cute waterproof covers for them too, so I'm excited for summer to finally get here so that we can show them off under her little dresses.

And lastly, we've now broken even on what I spent on the cloth diapers versus what I would have spent on Pampers up until this point (fancy cloth diapers have an expensive up-front cost). By the time Isabella is potty trained, we'll have saved well over a thousand bucks on diapers. What's more - they'll last for more than one baby :).

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